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Two Bare Feet 2-Piece Carbon Fibre SUP Paddle (Bamboo)


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Two Bare Feet Bamboo Carbon Fibre SUP Paddle

The Two Bare Feet Bamboo Carbon Pro 2-piece SUP paddle is an ultra lightweight pro-tier paddle. With adjustable length, the Bamboo paddle is 162cm at it’s shortest, and up to 210cm when fully extended; making this paddle a great fit for almost any size of rider.

The two piece design keeps these paddles lightweight, makes them strong and provides unifrom flex throughout the entire length of the paddle – Making them increasingly easy to use.

BLADE AREA: 120″ square
PADDLE LENGTH: 162cm – 210cm
SHAFT MATERIAL: 4k Carbon Fiber with Bamboo laminate
BLADE MATERIAL: 4k Carbon Fiber

A new take on our Carbon Pro Series, the Bamboo model takes the carbon construction synonymous with lightweight performance and adds a little extra flair. Here, we’ve designed the paddle with a Bamboo-look laminate on the shaft but left the carbon blade with a finish that stays true to the material. This creates a super smart-looking paddle with a point of a difference.

Perfomance-wise, it still features the quick-release extension clasp so you can adjust the height from 162cm – 210cm with ease and it has the classic, sturdy ball-end hand hold that fits snugly in your palm. The carbon fibre shaft is super rigid, along with the 120 square inch carbon blade which provides great propulsion through the water with minimal drag and flex.

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